Zenex Animal Health goes international to unveil its novel probiotic strain

Zenex Animal Health unveiled a novel probiotic strain, Bacillus siamensis ZMT02 (BSZMT02), the revolutionary gut health solution for chicken that improves production indices, while allowing farmers to withdraw gut-acting antibiotics and AGPs. Scientific presentations were made at Le Meridian, Dhaka, Bangladesh amidst of the farming community and poultry professionals by the research lead in support with local partner A.R.Animal Health, Bangladesh. The events were attended by more than 60 eminent stakeholders in the sector involving, layer and breeder farmers, integrators, feed millers’ consultants and veterinary doctors.

“Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global threat and poultry health sector is under tremendous pressure for restriction on critically important antibiotics and AGPs.” said Dr Arun Atrey, MD & CEO, Zenex Animal Health. “Built upon years of innovation, BSZMT02 is unlike anything available before in the category. It unlocks incredible future for the poultry farming community towards sustainability without antibiotics.“

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