Microbiome Innovation®: Introducing a novel probiotic strain, Bacillus siamensis ZMT02, enabling sustainable poultry farming without antibiotics and AGPs

AHMEDABAD, INDIA –– Zenex Animal Health unveiled a novel probiotic strain, Bacillus siamensis
ZMT02 (BSZMT02), the revolutionary gut health solution for chicken that improves production
indices, while allowing farmers to withdraw gut-acting antibiotics and AGPs. The breakthrough
discovery of the novel strain was possible through years of research at Department of Cell, Molecular
Biology and Microbiome Therapeutics, Zydus Research Centre (ZRC), India. Globally, for the first time
ever, the discovery pathway involved isolation, strategic screening and strain level characterisation of
beneficial microflora from healthy chicken gastrointestinal tract. Probiotic candidates identified
during the study were rigorously evaluated for safety, performance, stability, anti-inflammatory and
anti-microbial parameters. The novel strain, BSZMT02, embodies all the necessary characteristics of
an ideal probiotic for chicken enabling antibiotic/AGP free farming and will fuel the probiotic products
viz, Improval™ BFS and Improval™ MS