The domestic business of Zenex Animal Health India Private Limited covers all the domesticated species.

In India, Zenex AH operates through livestock and poultry business units. It enjoys leadership position in several therapeutic categories in livestock (dairy) healthcare and caters both to therapeutic and nutritional segment for bovine, canine, caprine, ovine and equine species.

Therapeutic segment holds an authoritive position in antibacterial, intramammary, corticosteroids and vitamin supplements whereas Farmcare (Nutritional) segment has a strong presence in nutrition and feed additives, antiparasiticides and rumenotorics.

Zenex Animal Health India Private Limited also has presence in the companion animal segment. Its poultry business unit has a strong footing in vaccines, therapeutics, nutritional supplements, growth promoters, anticoccidials and disinfectants.

Zenex AH Poultry Business Unit is encouraging the concept of “Total Gut integrity” with promotion of probiotics and going forward it plans to develop more strains of probiotics as it will be a major segment of focus in poultry.