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Farmcare Products
Sr. No.Product NameCompositionMajor IndicationsAdministrationPresentation
1TymfreeSimethicone 1.0% w/v
(as simethicone emulsion USP)
Dill oil BP 0.5% w/v
Aqueous base qs
Gaseous bloat, frothy bloatCattle & Buffalo: 100 ml orally
Sheep & Goat 50 ml orally
100 ml
1Hexanide BolusEach uncoated Bolus contains:
Oxyclozanide IP (vet)…...… 1 gm
Excipients …………………
Fascioliasis & AmphistomiasisOne bolus per 100 kg b.wt.Strip of 4's
Oxyclozanide IP : 3.4% w/v
Non syrupy aqueous base qs
Fascioliasis & AmphistomiasisOrally. Cattle & Buffalo 10mg/kg b.wt., Sheep & goat 15 mg/kg b.wt.90 ml
3Hexanide PlusLevamisole HCl IP 3.0% w/v
Oxyclozanide IP 6.0% w/v
Flavoured aqueous base qs
Fascioliasis, Amphistomiasis &
1 ml /4kg b.wt.90 ml & 1 Ltr
4Trumectin InjectionEach ml contains
Ivermectin IP 10mg
Benzyl alcohol IP 1.5%w/v
Propylene Glycol IP qs
Mixed infestation of internal and
external parasites
SC injection. Cattle & Sheep
0.2 ml /kg b.wt., Swine 0.3 mg/kg b.wt.
1ml, 10 ml vial
5Trumectin OralIvermectin IP 0.08% w/v
Benzyl alcohol IP (as preservative) 2.0% w/v
Aqueous base qs
Mixed infestation of internal and
external parasites
1 ml/4 kg b.wt.100 ml, 500 ml & 1 Ltr
6Zycloz Bolus 6 gmEach uncoated Bolus contains:
Closantel 6000 mg
Exciplents q.s.
Mixed infestation of internal and
external parasites
1 bolus for 400 kg b. wt., or aboveSingle bolus
7Zycloz BolusEach uncoated Bolus contains:
Closantel 1000 mg
Exciplents q.s.
Mixed infestation of internal and
external parasites
Round worms & Tape worms
1 bolus / 100 kg b.wt.; Liverflukes & Ectoparasites
1 bolus / 66 kg b.wt.
Strip of 4's
8Zycloz Oral SolutionEach ml solution contains:
Closantel 150 mg
Aqueous Base q.s.
Mixed infestation of internal and
external parasites
Round worms & Tape worms
1ml / 15 kg b.wt.;
Liverflukes & Ectoparasites 1
ml / 10 kg b.wt.
30 ml, 200 ml & 500 ml
9Axfendol bolusEach bolus contains
Oxfendazole IP 2200mg
Effective against Nematodes, Cestodes, Lung worm and nodular worm infestationsCattle & Buffaloes : 1 mega bolus /450 kg body wt.Single strip of 1 mega bolus
10Suprazole bolusEach uncoated bolus contains:
Albendazole IP 3000 mg
Excipients q.s.
Nematodal, cestodal, and trematodal infestations (both adult & larval stages)Cattle & Buffaloes : 7.5 mg /kg b.w Calves, Sheep & Goat : 5 mg/kg b.w Double the dose in case of Fluke infestationsBlister pack of 1 bolus
11Fenbezole bolusEach uncoated bolus contains:
Fenbendazole IP 3000 mg
Excipients q.s.
Nematodal & Cestodal InfestationsCattle & Buffaloes : 7.5 mg /kg b.w Calves, Sheep & Goat : 5 mg/kg b.wBlister pack of 1 bolus
12DistodinEach bolus contains
Oxyclozanide IP Vet 1 gm
Each tablet contains
Oxyclozanide IP Vet 200 mg
Mature & Immature Liver FlukesCattle : 1 bolus/100 kg b.w For immature Amphistomiasis : 1.5 bolus/100 kg b.w Sheep : 1 tab/13 kg b.w For Acute Fascioliasis : 1 tab/4kg b.w1 gm bolus in a strip of 4. 20mg tablet in a strips of 10
1PektocideCypermethrin-High Cis Emulsified concentrate 100gm/litreFor long acting (9 weeks)
protection against ticks, mites,
lice & fleas
Dilution per liter of water:
On animal’s body 1ml / ltr
Animal House 20 ml / ltr.
15 ml , 50 ml
2FluporEach ml contains:
For effective control of Ticks, Fleas & Lice of cattleApply 1 ml/10kg b.w, evenly along mid line of back from shoulder to tail30 ml and 100 ml
3DermeezEach ml contains
cypermethrin …..10% w/v
Solvents and Emulsifiers: q.s.
Infestations of ecto parasites such as ticks , mites, lice,flies & fleasLarge Animals : Dilute 1-2 ml per litre of water and mop the animal5 ml, 15 ml and 50 ml
4TicomaxFenvalerate : 20% w/v,
Solvent and Emulsifiers :q.s.
Infestations of ecto parasites such as ticks , mites, lice,flies & fleasDilute Ticomax with water as follows: Hard Ticks : 6 ml/litre Soft Ticks : 4 ml/litre Lice & Flies : 2 ml/Litre and mop the animal15 ml and 50 ml
Feed Supplement
1Biobloom ForteEach 250 g Contains-Saccharomyces cerevisiae - 1.5 x 10^8 CFU, Lactobacillus sporogenes -50 million CFU,Protein content -minimum 50% ,Grown on Soyabean and MGM, Fortified with Calcium, Phosphorus,Carbohydrates,Vitamins., UGFs & Enzymes including Phytase,Cellulase,Xylanase & PectinaseTo improve milk production
& fat content, feed digestion
& utilization, immunity, level
of rumen microflora & fiber
Lactating Cow & Buffalo: 15 gm per day,
Dry Cow & Buffalo: 10 gm per day,
5 gm per day.
In Feed: 500 gm to 1 kg per ton.
250 gm & 1 kg
2BuffBoostMHA , HMTBa, Antioxidant Factor S• Significantly increase in milk Fat %
• Increases milk yield
• Improves milk quality by reduction in Somatic Cell count (SCC)
• Improves body condition score
• Enhances immunity and vitality
• Improves digestibility and skin texture
• Feeding rate for a lactating dairy buffalo is 40 grams/buffalo/day1 Kg and 5 kg
3CRS (Chelated Ranmix Shakti)Nutritional values per kg
Zinc(as Zn methionine hydroxyl analogue complex)…..9600mg
Copper (As Cu methionine hydroxyl analogue complex)…..4500mg
Manganese (As Mn methionine hydroxyl analogue complex)…..3900mg
Vitamin A……………………….525000IU
Vitamin D3……………….52500 IU
Vitamin E………………………187.5mg
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)……750mg
Biotin ( 2 %)…………………500mg
Methionine activity (As HMTBa)….94.2gm
Anestrous, Repeat Breeding, Silent heat and other Reproductive disorders associated with mineral defciencyCattle /Buffalo : 30 gm/day/ animal1 kg and 2.5 kg poly bag
4Ranmix TotalNutritional values per kg
Fat Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin A ……………………..750000IU
Vitamin D3…………………..150000 IU
Vitamin E………………………….975 IU
Water soluble vitamins
Vitamin B1………………..1300mg
Vitamin B 6………………..130mg
Vitamin B12…………………3000mcg

MACRO Minerals

Trace Minerals
For optimum productivity and for increased SNF & milk fat %Cattle & Buffaloes : 50 gm daily with feed1 kg and 5 kg
5Nutrimilk GoldEACH Kg CONTAINS
Vitamin A 750000 IU
Vitamin D3 75000 IU
Vitamin E 500 IU
Calcium 240 gm
Magnesium 6.0 gm
Phophorous 120 gm
Iodine 500 mg
Niacinamide 1.0 gm
Manganese 2 gm
Iron 6 gm
Zinc 8 gm
Copper 1.2 g
Cobalt 200 mg
Live yeast culture 40 gm
To improve health, productivity and performance in dairy animalsCattle & Buffaloes : 25-50 gm/day/aimal. Add equal quantity of common salt if not being supplemented in animal feed.1 kg and 5 kg
Vitamin A 750000 IU
Vitamin D3 75000 IU
Vitamin E 500 IU
Calcium 240 gm
Magnesium 6.0 gm
Phophorous 120 gm
Iodine 500 mg
Niacinamide 1.0 gm
Manganese 2.0 gm
Iron 6.0 gm
Zinc 8.0 gm
Copper 1,2 g
Cobalt 200 mg
Live yeast culture - 20GM
To improve health, productivity and performance in dairy animalsCattle & Buffaloes : 25-50 gm/day/aimal. Add equal quantity of common salt if not being supplemented in animal feed.1 kg and 5 kg
7Cyclomin 7Nutritional value per bolus
Reproductive disorders like anestrous & silent estrus. Delayed onset of puberty. To regularise reproductive cycle and to increase conception rateSupplement till animal is in heat and continue upto 5 days after AI4 boli in one strip. 5 Strips in a box.
8Capsola GoldEach 100 ml contains
Calcium 3250 mg
Phosphorus 1675 mg
Vitamin D3 16000 IU
Vitamin B12 200 mcg
Copper 500 mg
Manganese 60 mg
Zinc 500 mg
Asparagus recemosus (Shatavari) 100 mg
Leptadenia reticulate (Jivanti) 30 mg
Colour: Natural Green
Optimum milk production, high milk yield, Fat, SNF, Better Udder HealthCattle & Buffalo : 100 ml per day1 litre, 5 litre ,10 litre,and 20 litre Can
9Capsola PremiumEach 100 ml contains
Calcium 1628 mg
Phosphorus 838.5 mg
Biotin 5 mg
Vitamin D3 16000 IU
Vitamin B12 100 mcg
Colour: Erythrosine
Optimum milk production, high milk yield, Fat, SNF, Better Udder HealthCattle & Buffalo : 100 ml per day1 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre Can
Vitamin A 12000 IU
Vitamin D3 6000 IU
Vitamin E 48 IU
Vitamin B12 20 mcg
Biotin 500 mcg
Excipients qs
For maintainence of Udder Health, to improve milk production and proper feed utilizationCattle & Buffaloes: 10 ml /day calves : 5 ml/day60 ml and 300 ml bottle
11Capsitone HComposition:
Each 10 ml contains
Vitamin A…..120000 IU
Vitamin D3…60000 IU
Vitamin E….10 mg
Vitamin H…5000 mcg
Zinc……………180 mg
Copper………..1 mg
Selenium……………..1 mg
Glycerin base qs
For maintainence of Udder Health, to improve milk production and proper feed utilizationCattle & Buffaloes: 10 ml /day calves : 5 ml/day100 ml & 500 ml bottle
12SodaphosSodium Acid Phosphate …..99%w/w
Hyphophosphatemia, Pica, Post Parturient haemoglobunaria, supportive therapy in phosphorous deficiencyCattle & Buffaloes : 60 to 100 gm daily500 gm plastic container
13Cadisol DCEach 10 ml contains:
Calcium gluconate: 889 mg
Calcium D-Saccharate: 4 mg
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3): 1600 IU
Vitamin B12: 16.7 mcg
Ferric Ammonium Citrate: 167 mg
To improve milk production and
fat percentage, to prevent milk fever, to prevent anemia, stunted growth & rickets
Cattle, Buffalo and Horse: 50 ml twice daily;
Calf, Foal, Sheep, Goat &
Pig: 20ml twice daily;
Dog: 10 ml twice daily
100 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr
14Vetkal-B12Nutritional Value per 20 ml Calcium 325.6 mg Phosphorus 167.7 mg Vitamin D3 1600 I.U. Vitamin B12 20 mcgTo improve milk yield, for better
neuromuscular activity, to
prevent milk fever, rickets, pica & prolapse
Cattle & Horses:
100 ml daily
Calves: 20 ml twice daily
500 ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr
15Vetkal-B12 GoldNutritional Value per 100 ml Calcium 1628 mg Phosphorus 838.5 mg Vitamin D3 8000 I.U. Vitamin B12 100 mcg Carbohydrate 40,000 mgTo improve milk production,
health and reproduction, to
prevent milk fever, ketosis,
rickets & anemia
Cattle & Buffalo:
50 ml daily orally (high milk yielder: 100 ml daily)
Calf, Sheep, Goat & Pig: 20 ml daily orally
1 Ltr, 2 Ltr & 5 Ltr
16MilkminCalcium 24%
Phosphorus 9%
Iron 0.6 %
Cobalt 0.02 %
Copper 0.1 %
Manganese 0.12 %
Zinc 0.18 %
Iodine 0.1 %
Sodium Chloride 30%
Fluorine not exceeding 0.03 %
To prevent mineral deficiencies,
to increase production & fat
percentage, to improve fertility,
for growth and development of
young ones
28 gm per animal daily or Add 1 kg Milkmin / 100 kg of feed1 kg
17GwalaCalcium 28 %
Phosphorus 12%
Iron 0.5 %
Cobalt 0.013 %
Copper 0.077 %
Manganese 0.12 %
Zinc 0.18 %
Iodine 0.026 %
DL-methionine 0.19 %
L-Lysine mono HCL 0.44%
Flavour : Dairy
To improve milk production, fat
percentage, SNF, fertility and
conception rate. To ensure better growth and timely maturity in young animals
Cattle & Buffalo: 25 gm daily,
Calves 5-15 gm daily,
Stall-fed animals: 1kg/100 kg of feed concentrate
1 kg & 10 kg
18Supplevite-MEach 250 g contains
Calcium: 750 gm,
Manganese: 27.5 gm,
Iodine: 1.0 gm,
Iron: 7.5 gm,
Zinc: 15 gm,
Copper: 2.0 gm,
Cobalt:: 0.45 gm,
Vitamin A: 50,00,000 IU,
Vitamin D3: 10,00,000 IU
Vitamin B2: 2.0 gm
Vitamin E: 750 units
Vitamin K: 1.0 gm,
Calcium Pantothenate: 2.5 gm,
Nicotinamide: 10 gm,
Vitamin B12: 6.0 gm,
Choline Chloride: 150 gm
To increase production, growth & development, to improve fertility, to fulfill demand for vitamins and minerals in pregnant animals,
Helps in early maturity of animals and conception rate
Adult animals 30 gm daily
Young animals 10 gm daily
250 gm & 2.5 kg
19Supplevite-M GoldEach 1.25kg contains
Calcium 255gm
phosphorus 127.50gm
magnesium 6gm
manganese 1.50gm
Vitamin A 700000IU
Vitamin D3 70000IU
Vitamin E 250mg
Nicotinamide 1000mg
Iodine 325mg
Zinc 9.60gm
Iron 1.50gm
Copper 4.20gm
Cobalt 150mg
Selenium 10mg
Sulphur 7.20gm
Potassium 100mg
Sodium 6mg
Chromium 78mg
Supplevite-M Gold improves:
Bioavailability & utilization of
minerals, milk production, semen quality, fertlity & conception rate, immunity & health
Cow & Buffalo: 30-50 gm / day
Horse: 50 gm per day
Calf/Sheep/Goat/ Pig: 15 gm / day Or, 0.5 % to 1 % in
1.25 kg, 2.5 kg & 24 kg
20MinchatEack 2 kg brick contains:
ZINC Minimum 2.6 gm
COPPER Minimum 2.6 gm
MANGANESE Minimum 2.6 gm
COBALT Minimum 0.6 gm
IRON Minimum 1.6 gm
IODINE Minimum 0.2 gm
MAGNESIUM Minimum 55 gm
SODIUM Minimum 640 gm
Ensures mineral requirement of the animal
• Provides Electrolytes in stressed animals
• Improves fertility
• Increases milk production
• Promotes good health and eliminates mineral deficiencies
• Improves salivary secretion to keep the pH stable in digestive system
(Prevents Rumenal Acidosis)
Place the MINCHAT where
animals congregate (loafing,
grazing, feeding and watering
areas). Add a new block when
each block has been one-half
21BalanionUnique Blend of AnionsTo optimize calcium &
phosphorus mobilization &
metabolism to reduce chances of hypocalcemia (Milk Fever)
50 gm daily for 10 days before and after parturitionBox containing 20 sachets of 50 gm
22Zydamilk Multi Gluconeogenic Precursors Enriched with Nicotinamide and ChromiumIn high yielding animals to fulfill
the energy requirement for
optimum milk production
Cattle & Buffalo: 100 – 200 ml oral once daily1 Ltr
23Quick RumiProcessed Sodium Butyrate fortified with Lactic acid bacillusFor weight Gain, Reduced weaning period, Faster Ruman & intestine developmentCalf : Age 10-30 days : 15 g 1-2 months : 20 g 2-3 months : 25 g Above 3 months : 30 g Lamb & Kid : 5 gPlastic Container of 200g & 500 g
24LivphoriaLiver extract:50mg,Choline chloride: 200mg,Sylimarin:10mg,Copper Sulphate100mg,Ferric amonium citrate: 100mg.Methionine:20mg,Lysine: 20mg,Glycin: 10mg,Zinc : 10mg,Biotin :6mcg,Vitamin B12 : 1 mcg,Protien hydrolysate: 100mg,Sorbitol :1500mgOptimizes Liver function and improves metabolic function
• Helps in digestion and improves appetite
• Protect the liver against various toxins and helps in
regeneration of damaged liver
• Fulfils iron requirement during pregnancy
• Helps in faster recovery from haemoprotozoan
Cattle/Buffalo/Horse: 30-50ml/Animal/Day, Calf and Colt: 10-15ml/Animal/Day, Sheep and Goat: 5ml/Animal/Day500ml, 1 Ltr, 5 ltr
25KetonexEach bolus contains-
Nicotinic acid….1.5 gm
Dried Yeast……1.5 gm Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.375gm
Anorexia, ketosis, indigestion due to feed change & anti-infective therapyCattle & Buffaloes : 2 boli twice daily for 3-5 days.4 Boli in one strip. 30 Strips in a pack
26TrisomastEach 50 gm contains:
Blend of Tri-sodium Citrate, Vitamins, minerals and Herbs.
Helps to reset milk pH to normal level
Reduces Clumping of Ca++ thereby prevent tissue injury and repair udder
Helps to reduce severity of inflammation
Helps to improve cellular immunity against mastitis causing organisms
Helps to restore milk production and reduces chances of relapse
Helps to reduce somatic cells count & improve milk quality
Suggestive Usage:
50gm per animal for 4 to 6 days
4 sachets of 50 gm each in a box.
Tonic Injections
1T-PhosEach ml contains:
Sodium salt of 4-dimethylamino, 2-methylphenyl-phosphinic acid: 0.2 gm
Phenylethyl alcohol USP 0.6%w/v
water for injection IP qs
Post- parturient paresis,
hypophosphatemia, tetany,
paraplegia, delayed puberty,
delayed oestrus, silent heat,
repeat breeding
Acute cases: Large animals
5,10 or 25ml.
Small animals 1 to 3 ml (Half
the dose to be given IV, the
other half SC or IM, divided over several sites. Injection should be repeated at
frequent interval till improvement is visible. Chronic
cases: 5-15 ml, small animals
1-2 ml
30 ml
2EseniumDL-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Eq. to
Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Base IP 50 mg
Sodium Selenite Eq. to Selenium base USP 1.5 mg
Benzyl Alcohol IP (As Preservative) 0.02 ml
Water for Injections IP QS
Adjunct to
& Still
1 ml per 25 to 50kg body weight
(Repeat the dose after 7 to 10 days)
10ml Inection
Intra Uterine
1Metricare IUPovidone Iodine I.P. 5% w/v (Available Iodine 0.5% w/v ) Metronidazole I.P. 1% w/v Excipients q.s.Repeat breeding of infective
origin, metritis, pyometra,
retention of placenta, other
reproductive tract infections and
in uterine prolapse as topical
30-60 ml by intra-uterine
route. Repeat twice at an
interval of 24 hours.
30 ml, 100 ml
2Uteriguard IUEach 4 gm (60 ml) when reconstituted as directed contains:
Cephalexin Monohydrate IP equivalent to anhydrous Cephalexin ….1.5 gm & Serratiopeptidase 10 mg)
Metritis, Endometritis, pyometra, ROPReconstitute with 60 ml water and infuse in the uterus4gm with 60ml water
3Furea PlusEach uncoated bolus contains:
Nitrofurazone I.P. : 60mg
Metronidazole I.P. : 100mg
Urea I.P. : 6gm
Excipients : Q.S
Retention of Placenta
For intrauterine use only. Insert boluses
into uterus or dissolve in warm water
to make flush.Cattle : 2-4 boluses
Sheep : 1/2-1 bolus
repeat treatment in 24 to 48 hours if
Strip Containing
4 Boli
1UtripulseEach 10 ml contain extractive derived from
Harmal Ruta graveolans 100 mg
Ashok Saraca indica 200 mg
Gokhru Tribulus terristris 200 mg
Arni Clerodendrum phlomidis 200 mg
Kalijiri Centra theram anthelminticum 50 mg
Prishnparni Uraria picta 200 mg
Bael Aegle marmelos 200 mg
Kantakari Solanum xanthocarpum 200 mg
Brahti Solanum indicum 200 mg
Aloes Aloe barbendensis 200 mg
Majith Rubia cordifolia 250 mg
Ulatkambal Abroma augusta 250 mg
Gambhari Gmelina arborea 200 mg
Patala Steriospermum suaveolens 200 mg
Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa 100 mg
Vishala Citrullus colocynthis 125 mg
Rasberry Flavour
Preservative -- Q.S
Retained Placenta (ROP) , Pyometra, metritisCow & Buffalo : 100-125 ml Mare : 50 - 75 ml To be administered orally twice daily for 4-5 days after parturation900 ml bottle
Ruminotoric Bolus
1RumisacCEach bolus contains- 4 Probiotics, 4 Enzymes, 6 Amino acids, Liver extract, Ginger Powder, Rumen buffer with Prebiotic baseAnorexia, bloat, impaction, Ruminal atony, Indigestion , Supportive to antibiotic therapyCattle & Buffalo : 2-4 boli for 3-5 days4 Boli in one strip. 30 Strips in a pack
1ChlorazinEach ml contains:
Chlorpheniramine Maleate IP 10 mg
Phenyl mercuric Nitrate IP 0.002%w/v
Water for Injection IP Q.S.
Allergic reactions with acute respiratory signs, rhinitis,eczema,insect bite & asthamaIM injection Large animals 3-5 ml, Small animals 0.5-1 ml100 ml vial
1Vetazo InjectionVetazo 2250
Ceftriazone sodium IP eq. to anhydrous CeftriaXone : 2000 mg
Tazobactam sodium eq. to Tazobactam: 250 mg
Vetazo 3375
Ceftriazone sodium IP eq. to anhydrous CeftriaXone : 3000 mg
Tazobactam sodium eq. to Tazobactam: 375 mg
RTI, Mastitis, Bacterial Septicemia, Bone & joint infections5 to 10mg /kg b.w Administered by I/M or I/V route.2250 mg vial
3375 mg vial
2Zydacef InjectionZydacef 500 contains -
Ceftriaxone sodium IP (sterile) eq. to Ceftriaxone : 500 mg
Zydacef 3 gm contains -
Ceftriaxone sodium IP (sterile) eq. to Ceftriaxone : 3000 mg
Zydacef 4 gm contains -
Ceftriaxone sodium IP (sterile) eq. to Ceftriaxone : 4000 mg
Mastitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Gastroenteritis, PeritonitisIM or IV injection. Large animals 10mg / kg b.wt. Small animals 20mg / kg b.wt.500 mg, 3 gm & 4 gm vial
3Zydacef Forte InjectionZydacef 4.5 g vial contains:
Each vial contains
sterile Ceftriaxone sodium IP eq. to anhydrous Ceftriaxone : 3 g
Sterile sulbactum sodium USP eq. to
anhydrous sulbactum : 1.5 g
Zydacef 7.5 g vial contains:
Each vial contains
sterile Ceftriaxone sodium IP eq. to anhydrous Ceftriaxone : 5 g
Sterile sulbactum sodium USP eq. to
anhydrous sulbactum : 2.5 g
Mastitis, Gastro-Enteritis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Metritis, & Pyometra10 mg /kg b.w for 3-5 days Administered by I/M or I/V route.4.5 g & 7.5 g vial
4BactrisolEach ml contains
Sulphadiazine IP 400mg
Trimethoprim IP 80mg
Calf Scour, Colisepticemia, entritis and other bacterial infections1ml/20kg b.w once daily for 3-5 days30 ml vial
5RoscillinEach vial contains
Ampicillin Sodium IP eq. to anhydrous ampicillin 2.5gm
Skin & Soft tissue infections, PyrexiaCattle & Buffaloes : 6-10mg/kg b.w by I/M, IV route for 3-5 days2.5 gm vial
6Enrodac BHSEach ml contains:
Enrofloaxcin IP 200mg
Bromhexin HCL IP 15 mg
Aqueous base q.s
Respiratory tract infections
Mixed bacterial and Mycoplasmal Infections
Skin and Soft Tissue infections
Urinary tract infections
Sheep and Goat: 1-2ml per 40kg body weight for 3-5 days orally100ml, 200ml and 500ml bottle
Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
1MeloximolEach ml contains
Meloxicam IP 5 mg
Paracetamol IP 150mg
Benzyl alcohol IP 1%W/V
Lignocaine HCL IP 1%W/V
Water for injection IP q.s.
Pain, Fever, Inflamation associated with mastitis, pneumonia, metritis, prolapse15 ml/300kg b.w by I/M route30 ml & 100 ml Vial
Antiseptic & Anti-maggot spray
1Zymagout Each 100 ml contains
Neem oil (Azadirachta indica) 7.20%
Camphor Oil (Camphora officinerum) 6.00%
Karanj oil (Pongamia glabra) 5.10%
Turpentine Oil (Cedrus Deodara) 41.43%
Turmeric oil (Curcuma longa) 0.15%
Solvent and Propellant Q.S.
Maggoted wounds, FMD lesions, foot rot lesions and deep seated and wide spread woundsSpray at the wound site40 ml , 100 ml can
1QualidropsCalcium gluconate IP (eq. to Calcium 1.86% w/v of Calcium)
Proportion of Boric acid to Calcium is 2.26 to 1
Chlorocresol IP (as preservative) 0.1%w/v
Water for Injection IP qs
Milk Fever, Hypocalcemia, Hypophosphataemia, Calcium deficiencySlow I/V infusion or I/M @ 1ml/20kg b.w450 ml
Farm Sanitizer
1FarmitizerGlutaraldehyde : 15%w/v
Cocobenzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride: 10%w/v
Dye: 0.1% (Max)
Perfume : 6%v/v
Soften water:0.5% per liter
FARMITIZER is a powerful, fast acting, broad spectrum disinfectant designed to provide excellent bio-security protection even in dirty conditions with lasting residual protection.
For disinfection of Dairy Farms, Veterinary Hospitals, milk collection centres etc
Disinfection of empty sheds : Mix 7.5 ml in 1 litre of water and spray
Equipment : Mix 5 ml in 1 litre of water and spray
Disinfection of surroundings, Open area :Mix 7.5 ml in 1 litre of water and spray
Foot dip/ Farm Vehicles : Mix 10ml in litre of water and replace daily or when heavily soiled.
500 ml and 1 litre Jar